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Lying in the shadow of Meteora, Kastraki is a picturesque village, the most developed touristic village in the municipality, is there to fascinate its visitors by its unparalleled beauty landscape. In a very close distance from Kalampaka located on the way to Meteora, Kastraki has been founded by people from Ipirus who was living to settlements in the greater area and they forced to compound to one in order to defense themselves from Ali-Pasa a Turk ruler during the Turkocracy.

In our days the village, along with the greater Meteora area, has been acclaimed as Nature Monument and World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, and also has been developed to a splendid place of vacations with a lot of campings, restaurants, Hotels and guesthouses that can serve the most demanding client. Do not miss to taste the excellent local cuisine and visit the small workshop which are producing from traditional products to hand made icons.

Kastraki has an old and rich history and along with the old village which has architecture of remarkable importance compose a unique scenery to the visitor. Also you can see: