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Kalampaka is a small town located in the perfecture of Trikala, it is the capital of the muncipality of Meteoron, and is also located at the greater region of Thessaly. Athens on south lies some 350km away from Kalampaka and 230 km to north you can approach Thessaloniki.

Kalampaka was built over the ancient ruins of Aiginion city which has been located at the same place and was belonging to Tymfaious. Aiginion is been mentioned to Livyo’s narration, of macedonian war, to be a secure and an invulnerable location. Susbsequently city renamed to Stagoi and became famous as a Bishopric and as an important fortress of Byzantium. Over the centuries the city was conquerd by the Duce of Patra before the mid of the 14th century a.d where it came uder the control of Byzantinum empire. In the 15th century a.d Serbians have taken the control of the city until it has been recaptured by the Ottomans who renamed the city to Kalampaka, which is an Ottoman’s word that means strong fortress.

The city has about 12.000 inhabitants and offers to the visitor plenty of archaeologial and historical locations, for them you can be informed by our company’s site.

Local cuizine

Local meat and dairy products, grains, fruit, vegetables and fragrant herbs are all put to good use in the kitchen in recipes handed down from generation to generation. Meteora boasts delicious mountain cuisine – hearty main courses (stews, pies, and casseroles) that are quite different from the lighter seafood dishes that are often served in the islands. Oh my god those pies, we’re placing our bets now that these are most probably the tastiest pies you have ever had spanakopita, trahanopita,plastos, milkpie and plastos… even the names are something to conjure with.In the meantime, while the pies are crusting over nicely in the oven, goat or venison and other types of game are steaming in the pot and lamb with sage in paper is slowly cooking in the casserole dish. The air is thick with delicious smells, glasses are filled with tsipouro and the nibbling commences with delicious local feta and other types of cheese as well as the famous leek sausage.

Local distillery

In the area you can find exceptional wines and a big variaty of distilling products. There are plenty of wine and tsipouro producers who by combining traditional distillery with the modern technology have reached to amazing results which are here to enchant your pallet. Fun Fact: First tsipouro has been distilled by Greek orthodox monks in 14th century.

Things to do in Kalampaka

Except Meteora which is the basic attraction, there are many things to do around and spend your time very pleasant in the town. You can have a walk in the very picturesque part of old town Kalampaka which has a great history and see also the Byzantine church with the panoramic view of the town. Also Kalampaka is a very safe town and you can wonder around until late without having any anxiety, so you will be able to see how alive the town is and you can indulge to how people spending their time out of their works. You will find pleanty of bars and restaurants and the local tsipouradika, the very traditional stores where locals use to have their wine and tsipouro.