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Pre-historical cave of Theopetra

Driving the way to Trikala and in a distance of about 5 km from Kalampaka lies the pre-historical cave of Theopetra which is the biggest and the most completed project of the Ephorathe of Anthropology and Speleology of Greece. Standing next to Meteora this cave reveals ancient secrets of 130.000 years old. Its age listing it in one of the most valuable pre-historical caves since it is one of the oldest human construction have ever been found not only in Greece but worldwide. The findings are astonishing and among them you can find: stone tools dated back to Palaiolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic age, potteries by the Neolithic age, bone-made tools, jewels made by oysters, a unique in the Greek territory golden jewel dated back to Paleolithic age and also the very famous human prints of Theopetra that dated back 130.000 years and are a very rare finding for the archaeologists worldwide.

Inside the cave we can see a round corridor running all around the cave’s interior. It is a flat corridor with some necessary declension and it has also a small protection banister. Corridor is not touching the ground at all but floating to the air by standing on small bases, so the visitor can move all around the cave and have a panoramic view of this spectacular archaeological finding.