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Monastery of the Candlemas of Jesus

The monastery of the Candlemas of Jesus is located on the rock which has the same name, and near to the rock that Great Meteoro located. Blessed Neilos and monk Kyprianos was the founders of the monastery in 1367 a.d. The church of Candlemas is very important from archaeological point of view, because it was built fundamentally bythe “first of the Stagon Skete and abbot of Dupiani, Neilos” who he was also painted it at the same time, in 1367 a.d.

Until the middle of the 18th century a.d. the monastery, who had been falled under monastery of Varlaam, was already ruined and remained close. Then and specifically in 1765 a.d. was restored by father Thimios Vlachavas who was a national hero and rebel and since 1808 a.d. has been used as his headquarters from where he had started the rebelion against the Turks in Kalampaka. The Turkish-Albanian troops then, under the commands of Ali-Pasa of Ioannina, destroyed the monastery-headquarters and after they arrested father Thimios they have driven him to Ioannina where they tortured and killed him.

In our-days monastery has been fully restored on the inside while new stair has been constructed which replaced the old wooden drawbridge and accesibility became easier. Monastery falls under monastery of Great Meteoro in our days.