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Holy Monastery of the Holy Cross at Doliana

The Holy Monastery of the Holy Cross at Doliana of Krania is an exceptional post-byzantine monument of the 18th century. The main church with its 13 domes is the only part of the monument which is saved today. The beautiful church is surrounded by a green forest and is one of the most beautiful sights at Aspropotamos and Greece in general. The church of the Holy Cross is the main church of the Monastery dedicated to the Holy Belt of the Virgin Mary. There are only some remains of the Monastery to see today. The Monastery is a dependency of the Holy Monastery of St. Stephan at the Holy Meteora. The church has a peculiar architecture, a fabulous combination of many domes and small circled curves. It is a three-aisled basilica with 3 arches on the eastern side and 3 arches on the left from which the middles are for the choir. The beauty of the church is the external view with 13 domes, something very rare. Some of the domes are only for beauty that is they can not be seen from inside, but only from the outside. The roof is made with stone plates and the church is built with impressive stone blocks. There are no icon-paintings inside the church, only the natural stone walls. It has a special beauty due to the domes and arches decorating in a magnificant way. A special characteristic of the church of the Holy Cross is the beautifully modelled features of the outside of church, being of a secular style.