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Holy Monastery of Holy Trinity

Above on an inaccesible and vertical rock and a total 6.000 square meters area we meet Holy Monastery of Saint Trinity. According to the prevailing theory ascete Dometios has putted the cornerstone at 1438 a.d but we do not have any report or manuscript for his life and action. Unfortunately for the specific monastery we do not have a lot of historic references because the monastery has been looted during the World War II. A typical example is the collection of rare books that monsignor Bishop of Stagon Paisios from Kleinovos village which has been donated to the monastery.

Cause Holy Monastery of Great Meteoro was the centre of the monasticism at that era, the total number of monks who have been inhabited the Holy Monastery of Saint Trinity has never been more than 20.To The oldest and most interesting building which is located to the northwest side, is the catholic of the monastery, a small church commemorated to Saint Trinity. It is a small church cross shaped with low dome that was constructed at the end of 15th century a.d. Right after the catholic’s contruction began the hagiographer from Thiva Theofanis painted the frescos, which after years turned into black, so in 1741 a.d father Antonios and his brother Nikolaos started painting the building, while the narthex was painted at the end of 17th century a.d. In the monastery you can admire the gilt temple of the main church and also the hagiograhies of God Almighty and the 4 Evangelists. The monastery remained closed from 1942 a.d till 1961 a.d and a few years later in 1972 a.d the local Archaeology Service committee renovated it.

Access to the monastery had been made possible using scaffoldings, traditional net and wooden ladders till 1925 a.d, then 140 rock stairs were carved and along with a narrow pass which starts at rocks’s roots provide easy access to the monastery. During the decade of 1970 a.d a cable car(teleferic) was installed that made access easier, who are not afraid of heights.