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Documentation and Education Center of Theopetra Cave

In Kalambaka – central Greece is one of the most important prehistoric sites in Greece. The finds from the excavations that took place from 1987 to 2008 show repeated use of the cave from the Middle Palaeolithic up to the Chalcolithic.

Visitors of the Documentation and Education Center of Theopetra Cave can view displayed finds from the excavations, and can also get familiar with the notions of archaeology and prehistory through educational applications in a specially prepared room*.

Through the course of this exhibition visitors will be able to see:

  • what is an archaeological trench
  • how the presence of the cave’s prehistoric inhabitants was imprinted in the soil
  • which species of humans lived in prehistoric Theopetra and what sort of materials they used
  • how the first jewels looked like
  • how our ancestors perceived the passage from life to death
  • what species of plants and animals composed the prehistoric environment of the cave
  • how an ordinary Neolithic household looked like

*For the availability of the educational app

lications room please contact the Documentation and Education Center of Theopetra Cave.   

Museum’s Timetable

Daily except Tuesdays 08.30 – 16.00

About the museum

Village Theopetra, 42200, Kalampaka

Contact number: +30 24320 72196 / 72135