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Byzantine church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary

The church, which is being located in the old city of Kalampaka, had been built upon ruins of an old cristian church and as a result of that you can see fitted ancient reliefs and also an early Christian sculpture with tendril in the church’s walls. Based on a basilica mixed rhythm, has a raised and lighted nave of the narthex while special interest has the unique in Greece marble-made “Amvonas” which rises imposingly in the center of the nave, in front of the Great Gate. The main temple’s frescoes dated back to the period between 12th – 16th century a.d and are works of exceptional interest. Many of them was made in 1573 a.d. by priest Kyriazi and by Neofytos, son of the famous hagiographer Theofanis from Crete. Among the portable icons of the church the most important is the both sides painted picture, which on the one side portrays the Assumption of Virgin Mary and on the order the Christ’s Crucifixion.

The two now separate pictures had been stolen and after the time it were found the monks were undertook the restoration of them and in ourdays are being kept in Varlaam Monastery of the Meteora. In a little depth on the front left part of the main temple, part of a mosaic flooring had been revealed.

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