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Prehistoric cave of Theopetra

Heading towards Trikala and at a distance of about 5 kilometers we find the prehistoric cave of Theopetra which is the largest and most comprehensive research project of the Paleoanthropology & Speleology Ephorate to date. Located next to the imposing landscape of Meteora, our cave reveals ancient secrets 130,000 years old. Its age ranks it among the most valuable prehistoric caves since it is one of the oldest human constructions not only in our country but worldwide. The finds are impressive and include: stone tools of the Paleolithic – Mesolithic and Neolithic Era, Neolithic ceramic finds, bone tools, oyster jewelry, a unique for the Greek area gold jewelry of the Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic periods, as well as the famous human footprints of Theopetra that date back to 130,000 years before today and are a rare find not only for Greece but also for Europe and the world.

As far as the layout of the cave is concerned, inside it there is a traffic corridor that goes around the entire cave with a route roughly around the perimeter. It is flat (with the necessary small slopes) and has a protective railing. The corridor does not touch the floor but remains aerial, resting on small concrete bases. Thus, the visitor moves over the archaeological excavations, so that he can see the finds preserved by country.

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