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Museum of Natural History & Mushrooms

On the ring road of Kalambaka is the Museum of Natural History & Mushrooms and it includes a rich collection of birds and mammals as well as a comprehensive mushroom museum, the first of its kind in Greece.

The way of presenting the collections through dioramas, represents with absolute precision, the natural environment in which the animals live and the mushrooms grow. The quality of the exhibits is excellent. They are placed in thematic sections, and the exhibits are distributed according to the type of ecosystem to which they belong. An original way of presentation has been designed for mushrooms, which includes three phases of their development thus providing a complete picture of how they develop in each individual ecosystem.

The excellent quality of the exhibits and the appropriately designed environment, specify an impressive result and make the Museum experience not only pleasant, but also productive.

Museum opening hours

Monday-Friday 09:00-17:00 Saturday, Sunday and holidays 10:00-18:00

Information about the museum

Pindou 20, TK 42200, Kalambaka
Tel: 2432024959
Fax: 2432024001


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