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Practically hidden under the shadow of the rocks, the picturesque and beautiful village of Kastraki, the most developed touristic village of the municipality, is waiting to enchant visitors with its impressive landscape. At a breathing distance from Kalambaka and located on the road to Meteora, Kastraki was created during the period of the Turkish occupation by the amalgamation of small settlements from Epirotes who were forced to take refuge here to escape Ali Pasha.

Today the community has been declared, together with the entire area of Meteora, as a Natural and World Cultural Heritage Monument by UNESCO, while at the same time it has developed into a wonderful place of recreation with camping, taverns, hotels and guesthouses which can satisfy even the most demanding visitor. Do not miss to taste the local cuisine which is of high quality and visit the local workshops which produce from traditional products to handmade icons.

Kastraki has an old and rich history and its old settlement is of considerable architectural interest. You can also see the attractions of the area:

  • The ruins of the castle that gave the name to the village.

  • The small church of Ai-Georgis of Mantila, which is located in a rock depression at a height of 30-40 meters. There every year on St. George's day the custom commands young people to deposit their handkerchiefs in honor of the Saint.

  • The hermitage of Doupiani

  • I. N. Koimesis of the Theotokos, is a three-aisled basilica with remarkable frescoes and an iconostasis of the 16th century. It is located in "Adrachti" location.

  • I. N. Ag. Nikolaou, which was painted in 1794, is located SE of the village.

  • I. N. Ag. Athanasiou is located near the square. It was canonized at the end of the 18th century.

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