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Kalambaka is a town in the prefecture of Trikala, the capital of the Municipality of Meteora and is specifically located in the region of Thessaly. The city is located 350 km NW of Athens and 230 km SW of Thessaloniki.

Kalambaka is built on the site of the ancient city of Aeginius which belonged to the Tymphaeans and is even mentioned in the Libyan accounts of the Macedonian war as a safe and impregnable location. The city then became known as Stagoi, the site of a famous bishopric and an important Byzantine fortress. Over the years, Stagoi became part of the Duchy of Patras before in the middle of the 14th century. came under the control of the Byzantine Empire. During the 15th century the city was conquered by Serbs before passing to the Ottomans, to whom it also owes its name, which means strong fortress.

The city has approximately 12,000 inhabitants and has a number of archaeological and historical sites which you will find in detail on our company's website.

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