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Holy Trinity Monastery

On an inaccessible and vertical rock and in an area of 6 acres we find the Holy Monastery of Agia Triado. According to the prevailing opinion, the foundation stone of the monastery was laid by the ascetic Dometios in 1438 AD, but we do not have any reference to him, nor has any manuscript been saved that identifies his life and activities. Unfortunately, we do not have any specific historical references for this particular monastery since it was looted during the Second World War. A typical example is the collection of rare books donated to the monastery by the venerable bishop of Stagon Paisios from Kleinovo.

Due to the fact that the Holy Monastery of Megalo Meteoros was the center of monasticism at that time, the monastery of Agia Triados had a small number of monks who collectively did not exceed 20. On the northwest side of the monastery is the oldest and most interesting building, the monastery's catholicon where the memory of the Holy Trinity is commemorated. It is a small church in a cruciform formation with a low dome which was erected at the end of the 15th century AD. Immediately after the construction of the temple, the painting of the icon by the Theban painter Theophanes began, which darkened with the passage of time, with the result that in 1741 AD it was painted again under the auspices of his father Antonio and his brother Nikolaos, while the narthex was painted at the end of the 17th century AD. In the monastery you can admire the gilded iconostasis of the church as well as the frescoes of Pantokrator and the 4 Evangelists. The monastery remained uninhabited from 1942 AD to 1961 AD and a few years later the Archaeological Service in 1972 AD undertook its renovation.

The access to the monastery was done by the well-known method of the net or the wind ladder until 1925 AD when 140 steps carved into the rock were built and combined with a narrow path at the base of the rock lead up. During the 1970s AD an aerial transporter (cable car) was also built which gave even easier access to the monastery, as long as you are not afraid of heights.

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