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Byzantine church of the Dormition of the Virgin

The temple, which is located in the old town of Kalambaka, has been built on the ruins of an old church and this has resulted in seeing built-in ancient reliefs as well as an early Christian vine sculpture. It is in the style of a three-nave basilica of a mixed type, it has a raised and illuminated middle aisle of the narthex and the tribelium, while the marble pulpit, unique in Greece, stands imposingly in the center of the middle aisle, in front of the Beautiful Gate, and is of particular interest. The frescoes in the temple date from the 12th to the 16th century and are of great interest. Several frescoes were made in 1573 by the priest Kyriazis and Neophytos, son of the famous painter Theophanis of Crete. Of the portable icons of the church, the most important is the two-faced icon, which depicts the Dormition of the Virgin on one side and the Crucifixion of Christ on the other.

The two now separate icons after their theft and restoration are kept in the Varlaam monastery of Meteora. At a very shallow depth in the front left part of the main Temple, part of a mosaic floor has been revealed.

Hours: Daily – 7.30-13.00 & 15.00-19.30

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