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Discover the greater area of Municipality of Meteora

Discover the greater area of Municipality of Meteora

Kalampaka lies at the center of Greece and is known worldwide for Meteora rocks which is an imposing cluster standimg over the city. People are coming here to admire Meteora and the majority of almost 3 million visitors of the area are staying here for 1 day or less. but not only the unique landscape of Meteora which combined with the beauty and the history of the monasteries is enchanting the visitors also you have to give yourself the chance to discover the greater area of Municipality of Meteora because there are so many things that place is offering to the visitor.Let see below a few ideas of what people can do around.


The mountain range of Pindos, Hasia and Koziakas

The mountain range of our area, PindosHasia and Koziakas, is one of the rarest natural beauties of our country. The area has fantastic opportunities for those who love the natural enviroment, and for those who show interest in new experiences and events participating in the different types of sports and recreational activities available in this type of enviroment.Visiting this area one is able to partake in the exceptional beauties of nature, rare animals and plants, giving both physical and spiritual peace to the visitor, whilst leaving behind the stressful and noisy city environment.Wherever one finds himself in the different areas of this mountain range, he will experience the strong greek traditions which have been kept in their genuine and accurate state from one generation to another. Through the years there has remained a lively continuation of traditional celebrations of the churches and the saints to whom the churches have been dedicated also there exists other numerous traditional celebrations through out all the villages during the summer months. On all those mountains you can find the history of Greece through the centuries. From rivers and natural beauty to castles and ancient churches this area has certainly a lot of things to give to him/her who will come here to wander around.

A unique 13-dome church at the greater area of Aspropotamos in village Doliana (Pindos)

The Hermitage of Saint Theodosios at Gavros which was built in the rock at early 17th century (Hasia)

Those are only a small sample of what can a visitor see on the greater area of Municipality of Meteoron. A visit to Kalabaka is never complete without visiting the” Cavern of Theopetra” a unique archeological monument. One of the most interesting from historical opinion caverns of Greece is the cavern of Theopetra that is found in the community of Theopetra, in short distance from Kalabaka.West from the national road Trikala-Ioannina, 3km before Meteora, above the village Theopetra a rocky limestone volume, in the north-eastern side the homonym cavern is situated. It is in the westerner prehistoric place of the Thessalian plain, is found in the foothills of the mountainous range Chasia, which constitutes also the natural limit between Thessaly and Epirus.

Prehistoric cave of  Theopetra and the Museum of the Cave

Documentation and Education Center of Theopetra CaveDocumentation and Education Center of Theopetra Cave

So for the epilogue what we are saying to all the visitors are coming for a day or less in Meteora do not do the same mistake again there are amazing things to do around here. Because you know now you can send us a message to the messenger and one of the Meteora Rock’s partners is going to answer you and give you a tailor-made multi days trip in our amazing area. Municipality of Meteora is not only the Meteora and you can see it on this article’s photo gallery.