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Meteora Rocks Travel Agency, with great pleasure, above expectations hospitality, professionalism and responsibility towards its customers and visitors of the Meteora region, announces that our area, which from the spreading of COVID-19 till now, has shown none of the recent virus. This happy outcome transcends the Meteora region to one of the safest tourist destinations not only in Greece but also worldwide. We hope and expect visitors from all over the globe to reply positively to this outcome and trust our firm for a magnificent tour and a lifetime experience in total.

Welcome to Meteora,

You have just spotted one of the most impressive and peculiar geological formation in the whole world, place of unsurpassed natural beauty which also hospitalities the second most important monastic community in Greece after Mt Athos.

Here where Divine creation met human intervension, the wealth of landscapes with the splendor of the architecture, the monastic expression with history and culture, self-denial and heroism of national conciousness with sacrificial offering, Meteora Rocks Travel is here to provide you a unique tour experience . To this fabulous world, our firm is providing several Meteora Tours and activities, that can cover even the most demanding visitor.

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Made in Greece: Superfoods

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Protato of Meteora.(Doupiani)

The Chapel of Virgin Mary of Doupiani Between the end of 10th century and the...
Echo and Narcissus

Echo and Narcissus

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